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We provide a variety of quality products and services.


Retail Products

Summer Sausage, Weiners, Snack Sticks, Pepperoni,Bacon, Dried Beef,

Ring Bologna, Smoked Link Sausage,

Canadian Bacon, Pork Patties, & Hamburger.


Hog Processing

Custom processing and packaging for 1/2 and whole hogs.


Beef Processing

Custom processing and packaging for 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef.


Wild Game Processing

Deer, Pheasant, Elk, Bear, & Goose.

Processing Information

Pork trim and beef trim brought in by the customer must be

processed or purchased at A & M Processing.

Every effort will be made to complete your order in a timely manner, orders made into 2 or more products may take longer. Product is returned boxed in bulk bags. If you would like your product vacuum sealed please specify when dropping off trim. 

We will call you when your order is ready. All orders must be picked up within

1 week to avoid storage fees. Storage fees are $10.00 per week.

Thank you for your understanding and continued business!

We appreciate your support!

Where to Find Our Products

  • Bongards

  • Plato C-Store

  • Glenn's SuperValu

  • Glencoe Co-op

  • Radermacher's LeCenter

  • Le Sueuer

  •  Jordan

  • Courtland Mart

  • Shell Food Mart

  • Fill Me Up locations.

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